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Tree stand safety system questions.


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So. Im rigging a safety system for my brother to be protected while climbing up into his tree stand. He's scared of heights. I'm using webbing for the top anchor wrapped around a branch or the tree. With a locker going into a figure eight on a bite. Then I was going to connect the other end of the rope to the bottom of the tree. He would use a tibloc or Prusik to make his way up. Two questions: Is this the easiest way to do this? I'm also wondering if you can dye a rope a more camo color? I have some pmi 8mm cord but it has neon yellow in it.

Thanks for any advice.

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Why not just fix the line to the locker? You'll have to go up to get your webbing and locker at some point anyway.


Are you worried about the neon so that other people won't see it, or the deer / elk? I'm no Big Buck Hunter or anything but I'm pretty sure deer and elk are color blind, that's why hunters wear safety orange. However, if you're really worried about it you could probably cast about here for some used climbing ropes in darker colors or just buy some static line by the foot. I wouldn't try to die it though.

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That sounds about right. Make sure you've got enough tail on the water knot for your anchor webbing to counteract any slip. fold the webbing over the branch - stronger than girth hitching it. Put a little tension on the rope with a weight or tie off to make the start of the ascent a bit easier.


If you're looking to upgrade those tiblocs with real ascenders (easier on the rope, safer, etc), I'll sell you my old pair for 20 bucks. I also have a 9.4mm x 60m rope in darker colors you can have for 30 bucks if you promise never to lead climb on it. It's fine for what you're doing, though. Chop it to length as required.

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