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Gorge Ice Watch 2013!!!


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Can someone is the gorge fill the five gallon bucket with water and let me know when it is good an frozen?


Looks like we might be able to get some ice here in the next week.


I will be having a shin dig at my house to sacrifice a few goats and calfs in hope of appeasing the ice gods. Donations welcome :)

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Hey folks, if y'all find out that any of that ice is formed and you'd like to take some swings (however gentle they may have to be) I am free Friday and would love to climb. I have a couple years of experience on ice and was leading WI4 a few years ago, but I have just returned from 2 years of life in Spain, including its sunny sport-climbing scene that had no ice, so I'm going to be more reliable as a follower/belayer than leader on anything serious, but could work my way up most things as a follower. I am safe and conservative, with rock, alpine, snow, and trip-leading (outward bound) experience...


GIve a call 971-717-1334 if anyone is free. My name is Cam. I am currently in PDX but have never climbed ice in the Gorge. I have a car and can meet anywhere in PDX at any hour. I know there's a partner forum but it seems like folks don't always check it. Let me know if my post is grossly out-of-line in this forum and I'll delete it. Cheers...

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certainly not all that promising in camas - had an hour to take a walk in the woods around lake lacamas before an evening meeting and the lake was untouched, the waterfall off the dam purely innocent - no wind in camas though, but the forecast shows it howling at beacon?

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I don't know what the waterfalls are like, but the seeps coming out of the road banks near White Salmon are frozen and looking like there has to be some ice in them there hills. Its really flipping cold out, supposed to get down to 15 degrees tonight, 7 degrees tomorrow night. Break out the file because by the weekend get ready to rumble.

I wonder how Kenny and Larry did climbing Hood today?

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I'm looking to get out tomorrow (Sunday). I have screws, rope, tools, etc. (And a car)


I've climbed at Mist falls a couple of times, but have climbed maybe 40 pitches of ice elsewhere.


I'm also interested in Monday / Tues if the ice holds.






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had the boy in tow today so no climbing, but took a spin through the gorge w/ him anyhow - had some great fun w/ a kid-sized ice-hammer destroying phat iciles in the multnomah lot and elsewhere - saw folks on mist falls but nowhere else - crown jewel looked worthless, as did pretty much everythign else - seems odd how little ice there's been w/ all this cold - no wind really at all today either, which i imagine has been the problem?

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