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Petzl Lynx monopoint question


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The front point has 2 possible positions. I've had the front point set in the short position last season, great for mixed and climbed steep ice without a hitch.

I'm thinking the long setting might be worth a go for pure ice

Steepish (WI3/4/5) ice, crag style.

Any thoughts lapped up like a beer deprived hobo.


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I'm using Scarpa Jorasse Pro's, which I absolutely love. They have a mightly curve which I remedied by flipping the crampon bar. The front points now point forwards.

I'll just fiddle around and see what works. What I was looking to understand was how long front points affect the climbing. I would think they probably encourage over-kicking and it seems obvious that a guy would need stronger lower leg muscles if the points didn't get fully buried.

I like the asymmetrical FP suggestion, interesting indeed.

Thanks fellas.

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