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Older boots and avy transceiver


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FWIW: this season I've purchased a pair of very gently used Garmont Prophets for $200 and a pair of twice skied, three year old Synergies for $50. Truly in mint shape. Granted, those Synergies were a steal and not the average deal but there is lots of cheep tele gear out there right now. I'd doubt you'd get $150 for a pair of T3's even if they were still in the box. If you do, let me know, cuz I'm taking the pair I just gave to my buddy back and listing them here :)

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I'm not really tuned into what's going on in the tele market, so I could definitely be off the mark, but seems like there might be somewhat of a niche market for a boot like the T3. Are manufacturers still making that kind of boot anymore?


Sorry I don't have much to add regarding your beacon question.

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Scarpa rebranded the T3s as the T4s, but yes, there's still a market for them.




Essentially a touring boot with a removable liner for multi-day, mellow ski tours. Also, for ultra-light maniacs who don't need a stiff boot to kill it.


I would not pay $150 for a T3, even if it was new (or in my size). I tend to trust gear trade's prices, so check this out:



Finally, I have a couple F1s for training purposes. They suck to do searches *with*, but if you need a couple of beacons to stash and search *for*, you can't go wrong. I got mine for $15 a piece a few years ago.

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