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[TR] Beartooths - Funeral For a Friend 11/10/2013


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Trip: Beartooths - Funeral For a Friend


Date: 11/10/2013


Trip Report:

Sunday the 10th Ben Boldt and I enjoyed early season ice on the Beartooth mega-classic Funeral For a Friend. We spent Saturday cragg’n on flows lower in the canyon and punched through the drifted snow on the road to the Glacier Lake TH. On the hike in Sunday morning we encountered typical Fall continental snow conditions – bare ground in spots and 4 foot drifts in others for the first mile and consistent shin to nut post-holing through sugar snow from the bridge to Glacier Lake. We found the route to be in fantastic condition. All the major flows were in fat (in comparison to other reports I’ve seen) and the perfect golden granite made for great moderate mixed climbing.





When we made it back to our vehicle that evening we discovered it had been burglarized and the thieves cleaned us out of nearly 15k of gear! Below is the short list of high $ items that were taken. If any of you Montana guys out there come across back-woods drug addicts selling climbing doohickeys that they have no business possessing let me know!


Nikon D800 Camera Body

Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 Lens

Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 Lens

Fstop Loka Camera Backpack

Nikon SB700 Hotshoe Flash

Nikon SB600 Hotshoe Flash

Hoya 72mm UV HD Digital Filter

Black Apple iPad2

Black Diamond Stigma Skis (orange) w/ Fritschi Diamir Eagle Ski Bindings

K2 Coomback Skis (blue) w/ Dynafit Radical ST bindings

Scarpa Maestrale Ski boots size 27.5

Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Beacon

Camalots .3-4 (with color matching Photon biners)

Master Cams 00-6 (with color matching Photon biners)





Gear Notes:

Ice screws and a small rock rack


Approach Notes:

Too bony for skis but snowshoes would have been nice.FFF81.JPG

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Checking CL and other gear sale sites has almost become an obsession! Fortunately, Carbon Co. MT is Mayberryesque and the Sherriff's department has been great to work and they're proactively working the case. A stark contrast to the "police are powerless to help you" attitude from agencies in larger jurisdictions. Jethro and Jim-bo have been sloppy and I'm pretty sure they'll get caught.

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