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I know this is a climbing site but I know plenty of you mountain bike also so I thought I would post this here. Two mountain bikes were stolen out of my garage last night. One was a '09 Specialized S-works carbon Enduro. Frame size is small, white Stans ZTR rims, and Race Face cranks pictured below. The other was a ’08 Specialized Enduro that is burnt metallic orange large frame with stock components.If anyone happens to see the Carbon one please send me a PM.






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They were in a dethatched two car garage. Not sure how they got in but the garage door was up in the morning. I always keep them in the basement of the house but was doing some reorganizing and put them out there for a couple of days after my last ride. I have moved for North Bend. It happened on May Valley Road between Issaquah and Renton.


One of my neighbor’s bike got stolen out of his Sprinter Van a few months ago and he put up reward signs. Some kids down the street said they found the bike and claimed the reward. I am hoping for the same result.


I will be putting them on the stolenbike registry. Thanks for the advice on that. Hope at least the S-Works turns up.


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