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resole or shoe glue? rock shoes


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Some LA sportiva nagos. 4yr old. Had them resoled once already maybe a year or two ago. But that was the sole going down to the rand. This looks like a spot in the rand wore through. Does a resole fix this or is this the beginning of the end for this shoe? Or can I just shoe glue the spot to keep it from growing? Not been too thrilled with the aggressiveness of this shoe lately. The rest of it is in good shape, what's the lifetime of a shoe? Can you resole for years and years?



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just put some shoe goo or seal grip on it ...


youll have to reapply it every week or two ...


IMO a resole on a leather shoe like the nago works for the first 1-2 times, after that they tend to stretch out quite a bit and become very soft like a slipper


the nago isnt an expensive shoe either



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I'm with bearbreeder, sounds like these will not be your go-to shoes much longer, so patch em and save your money for your next pair.


On the other hand, if you have continuing use for comfy backup shoes, might be worth it. Keep in mind, you will need to spring for rand repair in addition to new soles.


Look closely at the leather and stitching for worn spots to judge what's left in them.

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I've resoled some leather shoes (Aces) as much as three times (I resole my own shoes). I've found Aquaseal to last far longer than shoe-goo for this kind of patch. These days, I save the rubber grindings from my resole episodes, and mix the ground rubber with the aquaseal for patching rands. It works well, lasts, and is far less taxing than trying to re-rand. If you do-it-yourself with a resole kit from 5.10, you'll have more than enough ground rubber for the rand patch.



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