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For Sale: Gently Used Trad Rack


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No really. I bought the gear fully intending to use it, but I didn't get out often enough to get over being scared on 5.7-stage, and now my life (i.e. 10 month-old) doesn't allow the kind of time I would need to make good use of it.


All of this is to say that I'm selling a full set of C4 Camalots (.4-4), a set of DMM nuts, a reverso 2, a petzl rapell brake (shunt), and as many of my 26 hot wire wire gate and 2 positron screw gate biners as you'd like. I've had all this gear since 2006, but it has mostly sat in a box; you can tell by how clean and bright it all is. I removed the slings from the cams to ensure the new owners would resling them ($5 each from BD, plus shipping each way), but otherwise this rack is in perfect condition. I'd prefer to sell all of it to one person, but you can certainly buy only the parts you need. The gear sling is free.


I'm in SW Portland, PM or email me if you're interested and we can discuss price.



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