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So I ask....WWYD??


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Weather outlook...not awesome. I have permits for St.Helens on Sunday.

I have husband, best friend, and best friends 17 year old son coming with me to celebrate my birthday. They all have ice axes, crampons and very little knowledge how to use them.


Do we stick with St. Helens on Sunday, or do we change it up to possibly chase the sun, and head up to Muir on Saturday instead.


My buddy's are in shape hikers....not technical climbers by any means....


The weathers supposed to be nicer Saturday than Sunday.


We have permits for Sunday on St. Helens.


It's my birthday weekend so I just want to get out somewhere and enjoy the view!!


So...what would you do?

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Don't underestimate the weather on a big mountain. Some people who plow on ahead with their original objective in bad weather end up dead. Rain and 50s means snow and whiteout conditions in high elevations. So let the weather dictate where you go and don't let your permit affect your decision. My 2 cents anyway.

Happy bday!

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