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Left ropes on W Ridge of Forbidden


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This past weekend we tried to do a car to car push for the west ridge of Forbidden in a day. While we were successful, it was a very long day and involved getting our rope stuck on the first of two double rope raps down the couloir. Because of a combination of snow conditions and the lateness of the day, we made the decision to cut the rope (we had the knot) and use the full rope to do a single rope rap down past the sketchy bergschrund. Unfortunately that means that there are current two almost perfectly good ropes up there. If anyone pulls them down and feels like returning them, I would be much obliged. Otherwise, I guess there is a fixed line up the couloir for the time being.


Please contact me at emily_6008@yahoo.com if you can get our gear back for us. Many beers will be given in thanks.


Thanks so much!

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We climbed Forbidden on Sunday and saw your ropes. A guided group was also on the route and the guide mentioned he was going to take the ropes down and try to return them. I believe he was with IMG.


Nice effort on the car-to-car push. We were camped high in the basin and noticed several parties were up there pretty late.

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glad to see you guys made it off safe! I was the leader of the other party up there that day, the couloir was snag-town indeed! Did it get stuck in the same spot as ours did? That was highly frustrating. I couldn't tell but it felt like we were pulling our ropes alone... i am guessing you all weren't guiding it? If you were, then a million kudos to you!

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