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South Side of Adams - Info Request


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Did anyone head up the south side of Adams this past weekend? Wondering on


- Road conditions

- Snow conditions

--> Lot of snow on trail? Postholing? Will I need any flotation?

- Cold Springs CG conditions. Heard there was very little parking. Thoughts?



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posted this on TAY:


"i have a 10yr old corolla and made it up there absolutely fine. The road is FINE. EXCEPT for the water bars that have been installed on the road. These seem to go in pretty regularly on any sloped FS dirt road in a burn area... I made it up driving fast between them slow down to go over them, never scraped except on way out went a bit faster than I should over one but just some light scrape on undercarriage.


any talk of road being so horrible is BS..actually other than water bars (basically speed bump/dips) I think it was improved a fair bit from prior years.


-snow about 1.5mile from cold springs~ and once on it was fairly continuous. used trail runners didnt take skis or boots off pack until 10,500ft. was just that much faster. "




in the AM no flotation was needed. Never took ice ax or crampons out. Microspikes are a great way to do adams much of the time-its what my wife uses. In the AM fast moving in trail runners. I dont know how it was in the PM without skis on but I bet it sucked like it always does once it gets really warm and sun baked=postholing.


you will be fine with parking. There is only more and more space becoming available as the vestigial snow patches melt. but for god sakes people if you want to camp out why do you subject yourself to being at the TH where it is a ZOO all night? I'm sorry your tent is 5ft from my headlights at 4:30am and we're slamming car doors.. i will never understand why people subject themselves to that

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Just got home from climbing adams. I'll have a trip report up soon. Have GPS or map and compass. Coming down we got lost. Make sure to bring a high clearance car. The water bars are very high. The winter route is still in. Took about 6 hours to get up to lunch counter. No post holing until the late afternoon perhaps. Don't bring snowshoes. I talked to a climber and he did the south climb without crampons. There is a staircase going to the summit. Just bring layers, and water! You can melt water but no running creeks yet. Still lots of snow.

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way to shoot any credibility in the foot with that statement. not normally one of the talking points at the car dealership, "corolla's high clearance capabilities". Frankly it is just totally your average car. what car has low clearance? I saw civics up there too. and an old escort. other than sports cars what exactly low clearance cars are you talking about, minicoopers, smart cars, and pt cruisers? i guess i dont see who is restricted from getting up there in their vehicle other than the people who have something that already scrapes when they go over speed bumps in neighborhoods and parkinglots, they'd know better than to take it onto dirt roads. the road actually got improved outside of those water bars--in all prior years there were a lot more potholes and general dips and whatnot throughout it.


anyways, righton to perpetuating the hysterics of the road, keep up the good work.





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Yeah road is probably in the best condition that has been in the past few years. Water bars are marked with flagging or at least they were. I would not hesitate to take my impreza up there if my truck were not available. I did find a jetta with a hole in the oil pan over near stagman a couple weekends ago.

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I was up there the last 4 days.


6-8" of new snow above 9000' in the past few days. old trail above 8800' is largely obscured. managed to find running water at 8700' with some searching.


parking is still in short supply, but a short bit of shovel work would fix that. Road is fine, just drive slowly.

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