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[TR] Bright Angel Trail - Grand Canyon S Rim - Phantom Ranch to the rim 4/27/2013

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Trip: Bright Angel Trail - Grand Canyon S Rim - Phantom Ranch to the rim


Date: 4/27/2013


Trip Report:

After a 7 day raft trip, hubby and I stayed the night at Phantom Ranch & hiked out in the AM. The guides, rangers, and books all kept saying 7-9 hours out....so we were expecting an epic journey.


Unfortunately, we did the 9.9 miles, 5k in elevation gain in 4.5 hours. The scenery was great, but the beer at the top was better. After 7 days on the river, we were both pretty stoked for real meals, showers and beds!


It starts out fairly easy, and then it hits...omg, we're going downhill....this can't be good! I'm pretty sure the 5k elevation gain is actually in 6 or 7 miles, not the 9.9 they claim. A whole lot of meandering up and down at the beginning.


All in all a fabulous hike out from an amazing trip down the canyon. And it proved to me that the insanity/p90x mix that I've been doing for the last year not only makes me look fit...but I am truly fit!


Excited for St.Helens for my birthday weekend in June! And ready for more hikes/climbs as I find more people to partner with! Hubby, not so into it....thought he was going to kill me on the hike out of the canyon....st. Helens...if it wasn't for my bday...he'd bail! :)


Gear Notes:

All our river gear was carried out by mules! All we carried was a water bottle, 5 hour energy, and snacks. Plenty of places to refill the water bottles on the way up.

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