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[TR] Mt Hood - South Side from Portland By Bike (18:25'15) 6/8/2013

The Cascade Kid

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Trip: Mt Hood - South Side from Portland By Bike (18:25'15)


Date: 6/8/2013


Trip Report:

On the afternoon of June 8th I left SE Portland by bicycle (SE 65th and Duke) for Mt Hood, carrying my climbing/skiing gear.


Full story and photos on Mountain Lessons.




I arrived at Timberline Lodge around 10:00 pm, and began climbing the south side around 10:30. I reached the top of the Magic Mile by Midnight, and Triangle moraine by 1 am. After ditching my skis there, I summited under a moonless sky at 3:00 am, the first to reach the summit that night.


The snow was excellent, allowing ski crampon use to triangle moraine, and facilitating fast travel in high dagger up the old chute.


The winds were incredible, sustained 30-40 mph until the crater, with gusts in excess of 50 mph on the summit ridge, requiring crawling on the descent.


I skied from triangle moraine on what would no doubt become great corn about 6 hours later, and after repacking, was back on my bike towards Portland by 5:30 am.


Total time round trip to Portland was 18:25'15. 110 miles by bike, and more than 12,000' vertical gained total.


This is no doubt not the FKT, and I am aware that this has been done before. Whatever. I'm happy to have finally ticked this project in well under 24 hrs.


Gear Notes:

Full list available through the link. Lightweight ski-mountaineering gear, minimum layers. Keep moving. Stay warm.


Approach Notes:

By bike. The stretch from zigzag to govy is long, and uphill, and frankly worse than timberline road.

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