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[TR] Trinity Alps- Wedding Cake - Bachelorette Party 5/25/2013


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Trip: Trinity Alps- Wedding Cake - Bachelorette Party


Date: 5/25/2013


Trip Report:


Homeboy had a heartbreak- we plotted surmounting Mount Deception both figuratively and physically to gain the glory lost and arrive at some wisdom of sorts. Departure was imminent, but olympic's weather was now objectionable. We turned our wanting south, where shiny granite and sunny skies were certain to settle the soul. Off to the wilderness- but not before a babe came bounding through the door- luring the simple solace that valley dwelling can offer. The coital conditions were hot n ready- not completely unlike a little caesars pizza, but dogged discipline and patience won out- virtue retained and plebeian practices put on hold. A faltered flask heist, purchase of provisions, and Ecuadorian chow saw us in motion- uninterrupted until late night, walmart wanderings with weirdos and employee lessons in native history.


Trailhead bivy, morning rise, and the awkward emergence from the back of the truck with another man in tights- in front of fathers and impressionable sons. We set about to hiking- covering miles quickly. Where the trail takes on a certain splendor, we encountered the unlikeliest of trios in all the trinities- a cohort of gregarious young gals on a bachelorette party. Talk of nature and nakedness, serial killers, and headstand challenges made for good acquaintance. Continued towards high camp- ladies along- routefinding along lakes and through a series of ledges. Epic scenery makes all swoon- happy to be in a sublime place with good souls.


Set camp at sunset- savor the view, supper, sun salutations, and smokey campfire. Near night's end, a pair of piercing eyeballs is spotted not 50 yards from camp- a madness ensues. One swears it was a mountain lion- our female friends now terrified of a feline feeding- ice axes valiantly man wielded in case of battle against an emboldened beast. Naturally, ladies forgot tent poles- shudder at exposed camping and thoughts of being tender treats for a cougar and her cubs. Two person tent, rainfly, and five people- an instinctual embrace- pseudo secured from the savage nature. Pretty sure it was just some dumb-ungulate.


With nary a shuteye, a new day rose. Clouds enshrouding the peaks quickly fizzled away. Coffee, breakfast, and quick goodbyes separated the boys from the girls. Our time at the bachelorette party had come to an end; it was now time to climb the wedding cake. Up we plodded, fumbling slightly in following the route. To the col a little of everything was had from steep groveling, clean granite, and easy snow. Onward to the summit was more involved than anticipated- certainly exposing our inadequacies- route-finding, moat negotiations, ice fall, wet slabs, loose boulders and all. A large remaining snow patch near the summit ensured the normally high friction granite was anything but. Nonetheless, summit achieved, and route reversal went down smooth. Good times.



Lower Canyon Creek Lake with Wedding Cake and Thompson















Things to do in the backcountry: get massaged by three women simultaneously, check.



Scouting a way to the upper slopes







Canyon Creek Valley






Towards Hilton from the summit








Back in weaverville, we were famished and down, as not a single burger joint was open in town..

We scoured the streets, and just to our luck, some tweakers were found, next to a pickup truck..

Never without energy, they went back inside, producing chicken-bacon burgers, and a side of pie..

The twacking was absurd, their tales were tall, they wanted to chill, but we said peace to yall!


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So good!


Sorry I never responded to your message from spring break about going out to the Wallowas. For me, that week couldn't have been further from a break as I was working what I recall to have been double time.


Thanks for the report! Also, my parents were married back in the 70's along the bluffs in Trinidad, CA and had their honeymoon out in the Trinities.

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