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Has anyone climbed in seychelles islands?

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Yeah, I did a bit of climbing there. On the main island, Mahe, there is so much moisture and moss on everything you cannot really climb anything. We tried some extremely "sporty" adventure climbing on some really nice looking lines but it was so wet and insecure that I almost had to change my pants. Now there is some organized climbing on one of the other islands Prasline which sees enough traffic to keep it relatively clean but it is for the most part only really accessible with one of the "guide services."


When you get off the plane, and look at all the pristine black granite coming up out of the ocean, you think that it is like some closely guarded rock climbing paradise. Unfortunately, it is really difficult to climb; especially in an adventurous manner there.


When I get back to the states, I will post some pictures of the rock and my failed attempt. Also, if you are going there, sumitting the highest mountain on the island is also a really fun adventurous hike. It follows some weird drainage system and sometimes you think you are just walking into the jungle but it is right up ahead and the summit is adorned with a large metal cross.



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