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Arizona climber stung to death by bees???


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Don't know if somebody posted this already, but I just saw this sad article online:


Arizona Climber And His Dog Apparently Stung To Death By Bees


PHOENIX | Wed May 8, 2013 4:12pm EDT


(Reuters) - An Arizona climber has been found dead, dangling from a rope on a cliff face south of Tucson, after apparently being stung to death by bees, police said on Wednesday.


Steven Wallace Johnson, 55, a counselor with some 30 years experience hiking and climbing, headed into the mountains south of Tucson on Friday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada said.


Johnson was reported missing on Monday by co-workers after he failed to show up for work. A Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office search and rescue team found his body that afternoon, Estrada said. "He had been stung repeatedly and he was dangling there," he said.


"He was climbing the cliff and was about 70 feet up and still had about 80 feet to go, so he really didn't have anywhere to go when he was attacked by this swarm of bees," Estrada said.


He said Johnson's dog had also been attacked by bees and was found dead nearby.


The Pima County Medical Examiner's Office was conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of Johnson's death.

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Life is not without risk, on the road, on the rock, in the mountains,in the home or in bed.


He could have been in Alaska getting stung by frostbite.


The best option is to lay on the floor, stare at the ceiling until your heart fails.


I would rather die climbing with bees vs. a stroke watching "Young and the Restless" or from cancer.


A million climbers would agree.



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