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Khartoum Wood

[TR] Bellingham,WA - Raptor Ridge Repel,pursik over Chuckanut forest 5/7/2013

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Trip: Bellingham,WA - Raptor Ridge Repel,pursik over Chuckanut forest


Date: 5/7/2013


Trip Report:

with good weather the last few days and very little time to do much more due to my work I set off for the hills.


Gear Notes:

Green Trails map of the chuckanut foothills,2 60M Ropes,ATC, 4 Pursiks 1 tied Texas pursik style for comfort,4 locking carbiners.I like to have 2 pursiks for my harness with 2 main pursiks and one wrapped with .


Approach Notes:

There are about a dozen trails that take you up Raptor Ridge depending where your coming from.


I will only tell you one.take the Interurban trail from Arroyo Park across the foot bridge take the Hemlock trail past Madrona View point and up to Raptor Ridge.


the pursik up takes around 2.5 hours back up and 1.5 hours climbing at a good pace.






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Repel, def.; 1.to drive back, force back; hold off or ward off: as to 'repel' an attack, to 'repel' a blow.2. to refuse or reject, as to 'repel' advances. 3.to refuse to accept;to spurn, as, to 'repel' a suitor. 4. to cause dislike or distaste in; as, the odor 'repels' me. 5. to be resistant to, or to present an opposing force to; as,a plastic coating 'repels' moisture. 6.to fail to mix with; as, water 'repels' oil.


Repelling, def.; pushing away or driving back, etc., as above.


Rappel,def.; the technique of descending a rope by the use of friction to safely control the rate of descent.


Pursik: no such word found to exist.


Prusik (noun); a friction knot.


Prusik (verb); to ascend a climbing rope using friction knots. :grin:



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I wish you for to submit this photo the humor photo category, oh dam, its too late, we have a winner!


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I get the sense you put together an imaginative solo adventure off the beaten track. Always good hear about such things! Would be curious to get a little more of the story on specifically what you did and how it went, though.


More likely to keep the peanut gallery at bay, too...



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