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Colchuck TH conditions?


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I saw a mention from a few weeks ago, but does anyone have more recent info about whether the gate is open and what the condition of the road and trail is? I also don't remember how far it is from the gate to the TH if it's closed, as I've only been up there once.


Thinking of skiing the glacier this weekend. I'm guessing that the lake is probably no longer bomber to cross?



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UPDATED April 19, 2013


Icicle Road

7600 Open to Chatter Creek, then closed due to mud and snow. Road will continue open further up, in stages.


Spring is here, but be prepared for seasonal road closures lasting well into April /May on many roads... even longer in the higher elevations. We try to open up forest roads in stages, (as the snow melts and roads dry out some), whenever possible. Please stay off wet roads will mud, as it will cause significant damage to the road bed, and also increases the chances of getting stranded.



I plan on camping out at Colchuck in a couple weeks, then hopefully a Dragontail summit the next day.

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You can't get to the road or trailhead if you can't get down Icicle road though. Or is there another route I don't know about.


Yeah but its open to 8 Mile CG year round.


Ah, alright, so regardless they don't care, been going up there for years, but wasn't sure if the park service would get antsy if you were up there to late or early in the season. I just remember seeing the sign for snowmobiles.

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