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[TR] Lichtenberg - North Facing Chute 2/10/2013


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Trip: Lichtenberg - North Facing Chute


Date: 2/10/2013


Trip Report:

A: What do you want to ski?

B: I don't know.

A: North facing snow should be good around Stevens since it'll be colder.


A: So what do you want to ski?

B: Lets figure it out when we get there.



Not quite a direct quote, but does reflect our route selection process. In the end we picked an ascent of Lichtenberg via the eastern ridge. None of us knew the exact ascent line, but heard a Smith Brook spur road worked. After finding a creek crossing debate shifted to left or right side of the ridge. We picked the right side.




The ridge line provides great views on a sunny day and gets you away from the crowds on Smith Brook Road early on.



Rock Mountain to the Chiwaukum Range.



Lichtenberg Summit Ridge



Stevens Pass


North facing snow was protected from the sun and powdery. We decided to not follow the ridge to the summit but ski a chute Jeff and I made a direct ascent of a couple years previously. The snow up high was fantastic. Lower down while degrading slightly is was still fun.






We managed to hit Smith Brook at a good spot for crossing. From there snow was packed on the road and provided an easy game of Frogger.


Gear Notes:

Take snow sliding equipment.


Approach Notes:

Use an old spur road off Smith Brook. There are small cliffs on the ridgeline, but you can avoid them on climbers right.

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Nice, always fun up there. I camped up there Monday night for the heck of it and there was still good powder in the bowl. We did a bunch of laps on the north facing stuff and there was still plenty of powder. Skiing directly off the summit was the worst run with sun/wind effect. We didn't have your bluebird day though, mostly in the cloud and it turned to rain as we skied out Smithbrook.

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