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[TR] Silver Star (Skamania) - "Ridge-Top" 1/11/2013


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Trip: Silver Star (Skamania) - "Ridge-Top"


Date: 1/11/2013


Trip Report:

A day prior to traveling down south for some adventures on the volcanoes of El Salvador (coffee sourcing) I wanted to scratch that cold itch one last time. Upon my return I finally had time to go through a few of my pictures from our hike.


Summit iphone picture of my friend Josiah Zukowski



It isn't much, but this has to be one of my favorite mellow day trips around the greater Portland area. This day conditions were particularly favorable. The photos are video stills and the video itself is my corny attempt at making a quick documentary.










Sturgeon Rock is now on my list of snowy Silver Star targets as well as that couloir



Beautiful Hood beast



Most ran back during our descent, but one of us decided it better to base jump





Gear Notes:

Snow shoes / Skis. Took my axes in hopes of reaching a potentially nice looking couloir once spotted during the summer, but it's farther north from the summit.


Approach Notes:

Use the southern ridge approach that passes by Pyramid Rock since this begins at a lower elevation. One week prior we could only drive within 3 miles of the trailhead, but this time around we were able to make it all the way to the start of the hike, despite icier conditions and a missing skid plate on our return home.

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neat - only been up there once, last fall, in a huge old pouring rain, complete w/ golf umbrella's - looked like some decent cragging to be had, albeit after a long hike? totally different looking in winter - the true crux for us was just not getting lost on the drive :)

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Who eats carrots while hiking?


Jason, I know you prefer the PBR, and I want you to know I would've done you proud down in El Sal. w/ all their PBR-esque Pilsner, that is, had you been there to witness the shenanigans, but a carrot is all I had to offer at the time of this hike.


Josiah, on the other hand, brought the scotch.


Very cool TR and really good vid. James - what kind of camera and editing software did you use? You did an excellent job!


I shot all of this on my Canon 7D and edited it in Premier CS4. Thanks!

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