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[TR] Cascades Volcanoes Aerial Tour: - Rainier-Adams-Hood-Jefferson-Sisters-Shasta-Lassen 1/19/2013

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Trip: Cascades Volcanoes Aerial Tour: Rainier-Adams-Hood-Jefferson-Sisters-Shasta-Lassen-Hood-St. Helens-Rainier (and more!)


Date: 1/19/2013


Trip Report:

"Here's what I'd propose: Depart Concrete at dawn and head for Rainier, passing by its east side. Then pass around the east side of Adams and then turn to Hood. Then Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, and Mt. Washington. Land in Bend for a bit of rest & fuel. Depart Bend for Three Sisters, Broken Top, Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Thielsen, Crater Lake, Mt. McLoughlin, Shasta, and down to Lassen. Then back up to Bend for fuel. Stretch legs, depart back north. Pass by Hood again (sun on west side), then Mt. St. Helens, and finally back to concrete passing by the west side of Rainier. That would be the dream itinerary. This would definitely qualify as The Grand Tour."


-Email from John Scurlock to Steph Abegg, two days before enacting The Grand Cascade Volcanoes Aerial Tour with textbook precision. Baker to Lassen, and back in time for dinner. Wow.















Three Fingered Jack:






Three Sisters:



Crater Lake:












St. Helens:






Cool clouds:





7:20 AM : Take-off from Concrete Airport

7:41 AM : Sunrise

8:01 AM : Rainier *

8:23 AM : Adams *

8:50 AM : Hood *

9:13 AM : Jefferson *

9:23 AM : Three Fingered Jack

9:28 AM : Mt. Washington

9:49 AM : Land at Bend Airport

10:45 AM : Take-off from Bend Airport

11:02 AM : Three Sisters *

11:05 AM : Broken Top

11:44 AM : Crater Lake *

12:27 PM : Shasta *

1:09 PM : Lassen *

2:57 PM : Land at Bend Airport

3:28 PM : Take-off from Bend Airport

4:05 PM : Hood *

4:32 PM : St. Helens *

4:54 PM : Rainier *

4:54 PM : Sunset

5:46 PM : Land at Concrete Airport

(*="major" volcano)



Flight distance: 1,493 miles!

Flight time: 8h59min!



Link to map of our adventures.


More photos!

There are lots more photos and a more cohesive trip report on my website:


Edited by Steph_Abegg

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Outstanding! The mountains of my youth, much prettier in the winter.


Is that a ski track on the South Sister or am I squinting too hard? - traversing upward right to left toward the rim


Shasta is looking awfully dry.

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that's a mighty big jug would be required to tide me over for so long a flight!


must be nice to have such friends at your fingertips... :)

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Woah! Saw the plane at Helens the other evening and figured Scurlock was sticking around down south rather than blasting back to Concrete. What time did you guys end up getting in at? Looks like a heck of an adventure!

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Wow! This made my break! A few minutes ago I took a break from JavaScript and decided this was the trip report I had to see during my break. Well done! I feel like I need to return to the mountains! ASAP!

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Thanks for finally making your way southbound! Are any of these new objectives, or have you done them all already, as one might presume?

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Nothing against the other stellar photographers that frequent cc.com, but with consistent, quality images like these, and others you post here, you should be winning the photo contest here year in and year out... JMHO


Is there some reason Mt. Thielsen did not make the cut? It's one of the first summits I visited when I started climbing, way back when... I got a pretty cool shot (Kodak 110 Inst.) of storm clouds gathering over the mountain after my summit climb that day. Guess I'll just have to dig out that old photo album.


Thanks for taking the time to share these pics. A lot of old friends in that lineup...



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Is there some reason Mt. Thielsen did not make the cut?




We did actually photograph it in passing, same with McGloughlin. However, we were up at 12K to photograph Crater Lake, we needed to be near 14K for Shasta, we were a bit pressed for time and so opted to simply tag those two from above & keep moving. We would have had to descend nearly 5000 ft to get Thielsen in a proper fashion and then get back up to altitude.

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Saw Mountain Runners last night. There was a familiar name when the credits rolled.


Nice work in that too John.



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