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Oregon Maiden Peak Shelter over MLK: crowded?

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I am planning a trip to Maiden Peak cabin over the MLK weekend with about 6 others and would like to know if anyone has been there before on MLK. Specifically, I would like to know if it is typically crowded then, and if we should plan on bringing snow camping gear. I am leaning towards no, but don't want to get caught out either.


Incidentally, I have hunted around a bit and can't find very good info for the cabin's location. I searched the gps points provided by http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/willamette/recreation/wintersports/?cid=stelprdb5109521&width=full#maidenpeak http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/willamette/recreation/wintersports/?cid=stelprdb5109521&width=full#maidenpeak but nothing was visible on GEarth. Can anyone verify these coordinates? I've skiied into it before years ago following the blue diamonds along the PCT from Rosary lakes but am a little fuzzy on the directions.

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we went up there the weekend before new years and there was a dad and 2 daughters and then a group of 3. We expected a lot more folks for a saturday night during a holiday break.


personally i would plan on sleeping in there. the amount of space is huge--it would take a fullon group of 25 or a boyscout troop to really compromise space between the two levels.


if you give me a few hours i can look up my GPS point from when we went (via rosary lakes), once i get home from work. the point I get when I put those coords off the FS site into google-maps is plainly wrong/or i'm doing something wrong.


The shelter is located more like this:



if you look at the sat image the shelter is more or less due north perhaps half a mile or so from the large brown/dry basin that runs N/S just north of climbing up out of the rosary lakes area. it is in a 'bit' of a clearing--definitely more sparsely treed in the immediate 100yrds around the shelter


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For the record, Saturday night it slept 23 inside plus 3 dogs, and 2 outside in caves. Probably could have gotten 3-5 more inside in a pinch comfortably.

The snow was crusty but softened enough for a nice Sunday stroll up the peak and a cruiser ride down on "spring" corn...in January. I almost got sunburned in my tshirt. Sunday night was a quiet evening with just 11 sleeping there.

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