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[TR] Riddle Peak, Holden Wa. - From Holden 7/9/2010

Dale Smith

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Trip: Riddle Peak, Holden Wa. - From Holden


Date: 7/9/2010


Trip Report:

It is hard to find peaks around Holden village that not many people have done, with that thought in my mind, and a whole 7 months to spend at Holden, I did some research. I found out that Riddle peak is for sure do able in a day and is easy class 3. I thought this would be a perfect peak to try and solo for my first time soloing anything.1851.JPG


I set out from Holden at 6 in the morning, and made it to devore pass at around 9, after a little offtrail route finding.


Once at Devore, I just turned right and went up the ridge. The ridge started out fairly easy, just a lot of loose rock. After gaining some elevation, and finding my way through the maze of false summits and choss blocks, I found the true summit.

It was just a little cat walk to get to it. A little sketchy with the loose rock. Beautiful views from the top, I even had a view of Baker and Glacier

Choss block breaking up the ridge



Maze of choss blocks






On my route down I found a weak spot in the ridge leading south east and after getting cliffed out for my own comfort, and talking to myself about how it "wasn't that bad" I got over it and went for a little slide down some scree and ended up finding where nine mile creek starts. I followed the creek all the way down to about 4,000ft, then made my way to the west towards 10 mile creek and managed to find the 1 mile ADA trail back to holden.


all in all it was a great "first solo experience" for me, I scared my self a little bit, and got some beautiful views.


View of Riddle summit from the SE 3221.JPG


Gear Notes:



Approach Notes:

From Holden village, take 10mile creek trail to Devore pass, go off trail from there, scramble up the ridge to the east, you will know the summit when you find it

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I live at Holden for a few years in the late 70. There were a few of us active in the area and climbed everything we could figure out how to approach. Climbed Riddle numerous times and even did a rock climb on one of those towers. A mite loose. Glad to see some people still tromping around the area, scenic but the rock is not great.

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