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[TR] Strobach - Hate Pony (FA) 1/6/2013

John Frieh

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Trip: Strobach - Hate Pony (FA)


Date: 1/6/2013


Summary: First Ascent of Hate Pony WI4 M4 Katie Mills Todd Eddie and John Frieh January 6 2013


Details: Took FIVE :noway: others into Strobach on Sunday... new record for most people at Strobach on a given day? :laf:


We split into two teams of three: Brad, Rebecca and Nate fired out Sad Cebu (currently in crap conditions) followed by Sudden Change of Plans (excellent conditions) while Katie, Todd and I ran laps on Ice Dreams (excellent conditions) followed by the first ascent of what is listed as Unclimbed A in the book.


I've had my eye on Unclimbed A for a few seasons now; even though the hanger hadn't touched down it was the most filled in I had ever seen it including just enough ice to negotiate the roof on it's left side. Excited to get up the remaining "Unclimbed" route from Alex's excellent guidebook.


Shout out to Todd for leading Ice Dreams for his very first time climbing water ice. Ever. And of course one for Katie for making sure we all were "appropriately hydrated."


Until next time :brew:


Todd. First time climbing Water ice. On his very first lead.





Bona fide



Oh hey!






Gear Notes:

Gear to #1 camalot for Hate Pony + 1-2 10 cm screws

0.5 camalot key piece IMO


Petzl Darts for dealing with the super thin ice on Hate Pony


Approach Notes:

Likely the best snowshoe track ever. You're welcome

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