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[TR] Cape Horn - Half-Cocked Who-Da-Phuck-Knows-What? 1/5/2013


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Trip: Cape Horn - Half-Cocked Who-Da-Phuck-Knows-What?


Date: 1/5/2013


Trip Report:

awake at the half-glow - hung over and horror-struck - is saturday so throughly fucked up already? grey n' gloomy n' not all that cold - stumbled down stairs to pack and pick through the carcass of last nights supper to suss out provisions for the day


a quick transit through the cow-fields of fair-camas - miker n' beaconben at the cusp of a crepuscular dawn - crap stowed away n' we cast off w/ a 2nd-case plan, though hardly to washougal n' we realized half the kit was left behind n' we circled back for comfort gear that would never get used :P


through the gorge in the grey - big circles by cape horn as we closed in on the bitch - a hundred yards west before the classic photo-shot, the parking spot just before the "narrow bridge" sign - many minutes of shifting shit n' setting it all out straight - we put a fixed line in to facilitate the way from road to bridge base


this spot is sweet - set well under the road - the sole bummer having to lower the climber on 2 ropes tied together n' passing the knot at the proper spot, well out of voice, w/o complaints


road pillars are bomber, right? :)


if only i had a kayak, that cunt was going down today...


a fine roof of road - we lowered the Old Boy of the Hour down - a shot a few meters below...


an Army of Three, there was plenty of time to set up w/ feet-up, ensconced in down n' fleece, sipping down piping hot cider - thank krist there was no tobacco to waste the healthiness of the situation :)


being lowered down for my date w/ bare-assed fate


a few hours spent in riotous gallivant - 2 laps a piece undercover of a grand ceiling of grey concrete - holy shit a great place for gorge icemaitiring! flat - calm - room to stack shit - no matter how meager the ice da wedder has to offer!


you lower down 100+ meters to get the whole experience - me here just 20 meters below the anchor


from the road looking on down



great times - grins n' gawdamns - the cops showed up of course, but in the wake of i502 nothing more than big gob-glows to greet them with! no worries, just weak-ass mofo's below worrying about us having too much fun...they'd been hollering up at us for awhile, insensible through the shrieking wind


strong recommendation for gorge conditions like this - no need to lead - out of the elements - simple parking n' approach - calm n' cool - call it WI2/2+? HAWTDAMN!!!


Gear Notes:

a couple long runners for the concrete pillar - a 40 meter rope to set up the fixed line from the rope to the anchor, if you want


Approach Notes:

100 meters west of the photo-spot at cape horn - at the pullout just before the "narrow bridge" sign - down to the edge, over the guardrail, than down n'along the way for about 30 meters before getting under cover and where you can set up the anchor on the pillar holding up route 14 :)

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Good times. The only thing to damper my climbing adrenalin is the officer yelling down from the road. "You OK?? Thumbs up or down!!" Dude! I can't feel my thumbs, much less point them up or down while holding on two 2 ice axes. Thanks for worrying though.

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Cool, guys!



the cops showed up of course, but in the wake of i502 nothing more than big gob-glows to greet them with!

Surprise, surprise...

They always do when they smell your presence at a distance :)


I am still perplexed how on earth was possible to get dragged by the cops TWICE within 60 min on that infamous drive to Hood with you. :rolleyes:

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Way to get on it dudes! Went hiking out that way yesterday...if you could call it that. Jazman bailed and stayed i the car LOL!. Noted that it was still below freezing (31 degrees) from Mt Pleasant/Ozone/Farside to right past Cape Horn still. Watch the roads if any one is driving out....close to ice.

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