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Hydra EXT fail... better glove?

B Deleted_Beck

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I decided to invest in a pair of ice climbing gloves. I'd read that the Mt Hardwear Hydra EXTs were completely waterproof, highly dexterous, and decently warm for their super light weight and dexterity.


Well they soaked through completely in probably less than an hour in high 20s and stretched out so much that they flopped around on my now-frozen fingers. And barely any of the moisture was sweat- that was almost all melt coming in from the outside.


WTF? Completely fail.


Defective? Did I somehow misuse them? Am I somehow failing to understand their purpose? What's a glove that does what I need that won't fail me?

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I actually did this today, and almost immediately located leaks... so I guess that answers that.


yeah ... you got a defective set ... the outdry layer is leaking ... hopefully MH takes care of you ...


if not, a good retailer like REI/Backcountry will ...


unless ur a bushwhacker that is ;)


someone mentioned the rab latoks ... they are half the price and they are waterproof, if you avoid getting em soaked through that big honking hoke ...





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I agree with Daniel. Hydra? Great glove. Money well spent imo. I use 3 different styles of Mtn. H. for climbing. Hydra is certainly my favorite for the warmth. And I have had very good luck with them. I have used a lot of the current production gloves including everything mentioned above. RAB is another good one. They just don't fit me as well. But I've also warrantied a couple of pair of Hydra in the last 3 years. Worn others totally out on mixed, raps and ice.


Decent warranty now. In the past they would replace walk in faulty gloves from the retail store's inventory, no questions asked. But they no longer do that. Warranty turn around has been quick enough.


Quote below is from their web site. So why worry?


"Mountain Hardwear also provides a limited lifetime warranty, to the original owner, on all products against defects in materials or workmanship. All defective or damaged products should be returned to us for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at our discretion."


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