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[TR] Arrowhead - NW Face 12/9/2012


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Trip: Arrowhead - NW Face


Date: 12/9/2012


Trip Report:

After debating early season conditions we decided to go where most of the snow went. Stevens pass reports looked good, and Arrowhead sounded like fun. My introduction to this seasons snow started with step kicking up plow compacted snow, taking a step beyond and sinking up to my chest in freshiez. Everybody else took my advice and put their skis on sooner.


We didn't see previous skin tracks, bud did see a recent timber cut close to HWY-2 and east of the creek descending from Jim-Hill. The new cut stops at the upper road that traverses cuts above the highway. The rest of the climb was in, "as expected condition."


Winds started cranking near the summit, and we didn't hang out. Who cares when powder calls :)... .




Since the snow pack is relatively shallow there's lots of fun tree dodging in the timber cuts below the peak, and moving skiers left of the creek crossing the cut seems like the best move.


Lower down new cuts open up ski area style runs, but staying on submarine alert due to a new snow pack seemed like the best move.


Gear Notes:

Snow sliding devices recommended


Approach Notes:

The timber cut down low is the only difference of note

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Nope. Don't piss off the plow truck drivers by parking in the area they use to turn around and marked with signs (Eastern Tunnel Portal). Careful observation, good traction, and parking in a legal spot or impeding highway/any traffic are the key elements to have or look for.

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a few parking options:

1. 1-2 spots are usually plowed out on the north side of the hwy near the gun tower. this is quite a ways east of the henry creek road. expect to get plowed in if it is snowing.

2. traveling westbound on hwy 2, there is an easy-to-miss road on the north side just west of the tunnel itself. this road is plowed and used by the rr for access to the east portal. while i never had any problems parking there the situation may have changed.

3. nordic center as the last option.

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