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New to CC & PNW. Anyone from Eastern WA/Tricities?


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I'm living in the Tri-Cities. Just moved to the PNW after a summer work experience and am looking forward to exploring the PNW for ice climbing, mountaineering, downhill & backcountry skiing.

I'm looking for others who live in the Tri-cities / Walla Walla and surrounding areas interested in the same activities, or as to whether there are groups or clubs facilitating them.


Looks like a great forum. Can't wait to get out to explore. Stoked.



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I am going out this weekend, weather and conditions depending, on Friday, Sat, and Sun, and am looking for a partner who can commit to any or all of those days. Not exactly sure what the objectives will be. I am cofortable leading rock and ice, plus any mountaineering with or without skis.


I am flexible for either day trips or overnights.


What is your glacier traval and crevasse resucue experiance?



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Hello eastern Washington climbers,


I am also new to this area and am also looking for people to climb with. Been living here for work but am very familiar with the climbing in north eastern Oregon and find myself returning there often for it. With all the info floating around on this site I would definitely be interested in checking out ice soon in this state as well; especially around the coulees if it freezes.


For those in the know around here, is there a crag closer than 60 miles away on accessible lands? I would love to find a scrappy cave for dry tooling; also does anyone have a climbing wall (for fingers and feet) they are willing to share in town? Do you like beer? I can also return the favor with uncrowded climbing trips to the east on ice, mixed and rock.


Give me a shout here and much appreciated!!


Mark Hauter-

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Recently moved to Moses Lake..


I'm so sorry.


I just have one word to say: flat.


But perhaps you have one word to say: job.


The good news is you are still relatively close to some of the best cragging and alpine around.


Haha thanks for the sympathy. Oh well, glad to at least be back in WA and have a job and be reasonable close like you said to some pretty epic stuff once again.

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The good news is you are 45 minutes from Vantage, 1:30 from Leavenworth, I don't know how long to WA Pass but doable. Then there is Smith, Squamish, for more rock, and endless opportunity in the Cascades for ice and alpine.


Build the stoke.


All distances are estimated at 5 over the speed limit. Which is not what I was doing at 137 mph at night going to Smith or another night going to Smith that turned my car into the "deerkiller".


Be careful out there but be sure to enjoy WA, OR, and BC because it is rich with opportunity.

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