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The Best Ski Benches and Ski Shops in Portland?

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Two questions, that I'm trying to answer for two separate clients, sharing Portland in common:

1. Where is the best ski bench for mounting and tuning? Not necessarily backcountry-focused, either. I'm looking for the best shop, period, to get a pair of boards worked on, within Portland.

2. I'm also looking for recommended independent down-hill ski shops that also sell side-country gear (Marker Dukes, etc).

Thanks for your recommendations!



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hey man i think i answered your post on TAY also.


i do all the ski tunes here at next adventure, and we can repair whatever you need done. 40$ gets you base grind, stone grind, edges and hot wax. lots of local knowledge, friendly faces and good deals. if youve never been in the bargain basement it is a sight to see.


mountain shop and oregon mtn community are also good, and hillcrest has got your race style tunes going. send em in man!


also i like your blog dude.

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I second the Mountain Shop or Next Adventure. Every shop has its advantages. Along with new stuff, NA has lots of closeouts so you can find good deals and tons of inventory. Mountain Shop specializes in all the latest-greatest backcountry and mountaineering gear- so don't sell as many Dukes. However MS does have the best grinder in town and best wax knowledge. Neither store is specifically back country either and are local-independent shops. You'd be a fool to buy or mount backcountry gear anywhere else in Portland or Oregegon for that matter. Those shops sell and mount more BC gear in a week than other shops see in a month or even in a season. I am personally biased for Mountain shop because I know the staff there and the collective ski knowledge is insane, but I have met the guys from NA and they are pretty great too.

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