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FS: Snow/Ice Gear


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Black Diamond straight shaft tool, $25. Don't know the model name, never got a chance to use it. Seems like it'd be a good second tool for steep snow?


BD turbo ice screw, $20. SOLD




SMC Crampons (size L) with straps and crampon bag, $35. Adaptable to any kind of boot.




Prefer to deal locally in Portland. Thanks for looking.

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That's a BD X-15. The 2nd version with a rubber coated carbon-fiber shaft. Ahead of it's time, the first carbon fiber shaft tool. Puts more of the weight in the head for a better swing. The bolt head has a slot so you can tighten it in the field with the pick of your other tool. The raised part of the pic above the head is so you can drive it with another hammer.


Originally sold for over $200, shows you the depreciation of obsolescence. Still a good tool, I've soloed WI5 with these. The pick is interchangeable across a large range of year/models and includes Alpine, Alaska, and Banana picks (Banana is the one in the pic).

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Roger that, "posts like this" was actually referring to MY post. I'm not sure why people always say, I've pm-ed about it. I guess to try and claim it?


pm sent on screw... but why do people write posts like this? I'm also going to get some orange juice on my way home from work... anyone care?


he's the OP, replying that he doesn't want to trade for more gear.

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