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Normandy 5.12 (a/b?)


10-12 quick draws w/Chain Anchor.


#1 Camalot optional after 5th or 6th draw


Starts off obvious block on left side of the Beach ledge just to the left of Between the Cheeks and Heavens Rear Entry Vehicle.


Follow bolts. Steep, bouldery face climbing and two roofs lead to an airy, narrow, stemming finish.





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Wow! You put up HREV?! Sick. I've always wanted to climb that. Even from town it's such an obvious line but...I don't know what it was like on the FA but it is in pretty bad need of a retro cleaning at this point. Maybe this winter.


Have you done the bolted chimney in the parallel system just to the right of HREV? I think it's Called Between the Cheeks 5.10. Awesome! Amazing position.


Normandy is actually to the left side of HREV. If you look at the Cummins guide there are some squiggles drawn in with a very tiny notation that says "orange rock". It climbs through those lines and almost joins HREV about 90' up.



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For HREV, we just started at the bottom and went up, not knowing exactly what was ahead. The day was moist, but the line overhung at the start, so we could stay dry. As a result, it was never cleaned. It really should be though, as it is a nice line.


Wow, so your new line is left even of HREV. It must be really out there. I'm really looking forward to heading back up there and trying your new line and Between the Cheeks, it has been something like 25 years...





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