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FS: Pack, Shoes, Pads, Jackets, Shovels, more


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I've got a bunch of stuff to sell, and I think the prices are pretty reasonable.


Vaude Rock 35+ 10 Backpack - $60

This seems like a pretty versatile pack and I've only used on on two or three day ski trips this winter. It's in basically brand new condition - I sent an older Vaude pack in for a repair and they sent this new one back instead since they couldn't repair the old one. Unfortunately it's very different from the pack I sent in, and it's not exactly the pack I want, so it needs a new home. Read about it here. The I have is the bright yellow one - pretty sweet color and your friends will always know where you are.


Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Oyl Lite Sleeping Pad, size Long - $40

I don't think I've ever used this pad - I sent an old one in for repairs (notice a trend here?) and they sent this new one back. Old one was a regular, and they only had longs so they sent me that. Given that I am not 6'6", I am not in need of a large, so I never ended up using this. It features a tapered bottom with bumper rails on the sides that help to keep you on the pad. I was skeptical of the utility of this at first, but with my old pad it actually worked great and kept me on the pad. More info and some photos here


Snow Shovels - $20

I don't know who manufactured these, they are a bit older but still in good shape. Pretty lightweight for their length, they have collapsible handles and plastic shovels. I think they are probably about 3.5 feet long, which is quite a nice length (and longer than usual) for backcountry snow shovels. I have 2 of them.





Black Diamond Beta Light with Floor: $180

This is the classic 2 person version of the betamid, but lighter and smaller. It's in virtually new shape and comes with the floor - I don't want to sell them separately. The tent retails for $199, the floor for $70, so you can do the math. I have photos of the actual tent in question in the group of megamid photos below. take a look. photos here




Whisperlite stoves without fuel pumps (3/9 SOLD): I've got 9 whisperlite stoves that for whatever reason (don't ask me, I don't know) have no fuel pumps. The fuel pumps cost $35 if you buy it directly from MSR. I'll sell each of these for $10, and throw in whatever other accessories I have left. There's a few fuel bottles missing lids, a bunch of wind screens, lots more expedition repair kits ($30 new), pot grips and the like.



Marmot shell jacket - $20

Size large, nothing wrong with it, just upgraded a long time ago. It's moderately wind and water proof. Has pitzips and standard pockets.



EMS shell jacket - $40

Great condition, from 2011.


I'm pretty sure it's this jacket, $100 new.


Patagonia down sweater - $90

Size large, in good shape. It has 2 small, virtually invisible patches on it from very small holes. None of the down was lost. It was just a bit big on me in the torso so I've got something that fits better now.





Scarpa Crux approach shoes - $35

I bought these recently but they don't fit me very well. Size 42.5/9.5. They climb great, good rubber, and they are in good overall shape. There is a small tear on one lug on the sole, but it's still attached. I think they would be ideal for folks with wider feet.






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@ Alpinisto: They are size 43, so about 10 US. If they'll fit, they are yours. I've climbed ice in them before, and while they aren't amazing, they'll certainly do the trick for a beginner.


@ JimmyJames: I'm happy to give you several of the axes, but if there are other folks who are also interested for their own use, I'd prefer to spread the love.


@ Ben B: Send me a PM with your contact details so we can make the necessary arrangements.


@ rloeh: yeah, I'm ok with that. Would you do $10 per kit? The old stoves are also good for replacement parts, since they can be fully dissembled, so you could just take the stove/repair kit combo for $10 each. Let me know.

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I would like to buy a $10 stove along with the repair kit, bottles and whatever you can spare. I'll try to buy the pump locally.


I would love to have one of your ice axes 65cm please.


Also, if you have a spare pole for the hexamid, I would appreciate that. I have a bunch of hexamid copies, that it could be used with.




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