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[TR] Linville Gorge - Trifecta 8/25/2012

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Trip: Linville Gorge - Trifecta


Date: 8/25/2012


Trip Report:



This past weekend I was able to complete a classic North Carolina Linkup: the Amphitheater Trifecta in Linville Gorge. I’ve been eyeing this adventure for the past year and was stoked to finally get it done. Not technically difficult or particularly long, the Trifecta shines in its in-obvious approach, adventurous climbing, excellent position and long history. Included are The Daddy, The Mummy and The Prow. 12 pitches, 5.6, zero bolts.


Becky and I tried the linkup last spring but got skunked by the tricky approach, finally arriving at the base of The Daddy after taking every wrong turn imaginable. That was the only route we climbed that day. This time, however, I had the approach dialed, a full day, and a solid game plan. Ben was game to give it a shot, and we headed east from Central Tennessee Friday afternoon, excited despite the 6 hour drive ahead of us. We arrived at our friend’s Rich and Lisa’s house early Saturday morning. They have a cool cabin on the verge of Linville Gorge, less than five mile of FS road to the trailhead. Sleep was illusive that night.


Wake up at 5:00am, coffee, bagels, turkey, cheese. Rich agreed to join us, and we decided to break the climb into blocks, with each of us leading an entire route. This would speed up change-overs and allow us to maintain forward momentum.

Rich started up The Daddy at 7:45, I tied in 10m from the end and Ben tied into the end. Change-overs went quick: one guy sorted gear and gave it to the leader, other guy flipped the rope, while the leader re-hydrated and got ready to blast off. This worked well and we topped out after 1:20. Down the descent gully we went, choosing to down-climb the steep rock rather than rappel. I led the 3 pitches of The Mummy, and we took a quick lunch break once on-top of Mummy Buttress. From there we looked around for a forgotten classic called Good Heavens. Never found anything that matched the description, so we headed for The Prow. Easy, but lots of exposure on the 3rd pitch. Arrived back at the car at 1:50pm, pleanty of time to keep climbing!


Decided to head north from the trailhead to Table Rock, home to several solid multipitch climbs. Climbed Peek-a-boo, fun jaunt with a one-move-wonder on the 2nd pitch. From the anchors you have plenty of time to stare across at “the move”, a step across with plenty of air beneath your feet. It went fine, and we decided to top out the route via the original finish, a lichen-covered steep final pitch. That one felt really satisfying to complete, reminded me of some scrappy Cascade mixed route. When we topped out, the group vote was to call it a day, so we hiked back to the parking lot, grinning from a day well spent.


























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