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[TR] Blackfoot/Bitterroot Float and Backpack - 8/27/2012


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Trip: Blackfoot/Bitterroot Float and Backpack -


Date: 8/27/2012


Trip Report:






One week left of vacation and a cloudy state of Washington. What's a pair of bodies to do?


Colleen and I spent two nights out floating the North and Main fork of the "A River Runs Through It" Blackfoot River. A mellow float (with a fair share of rock dodging this time of year). Plenty of ospreys fishing and red tails hunting during the day. At dusk, the kestrels, which look like large swallows, came out to reduce the insect population.


We then headed to the smoke-shrouded Bitterroot Range for one night out at Wyant Lake (Canyon Ck TH). Forest fires can cause some strange animal behavior: we saw a bat lazily drifting overhead mid morning. They also make for some interesting skies. We were surprised to find out that the Bitterroots, at least in our vicinity, were granite and not unlike a more fractured, dryer version of the Yosemite backcountry.


Montana provided a sunny respite from Washington's mercurial summer, and it's only slightly further than Smith Rocks from Seattle.

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I took some crag shots while hiking up Canyon Ck. I have no idea how developed the Bitterroots are (never looked into it), but given that Canyon Ck is just one of many canyons in the range, and the range is damn big, there's probably some fun to be had there for anyone willing to wade past Montana's ubiquitous white noise of kooks, drunks, and holy rollers. Fortunately, the state also offers a very low population density, particularly regarding Johnny Law. I'm glad to have it available as a possible refuge when they finally come for me. Canada's become impossible these days, but, apparently, Montana will take anyone.


Montana's kind of like a snowy Mexico for scratchy white folk with a few Robert Redfords sprinkled in to stoke the brotherly love.



Crag Shots

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We didn't fish, Jason. Had to put the trip together quickly and didn't have time to research/acquire the licenses, check regs, etc. Plus, I've never fished from an inflatable kayak (only hardshells). Knowing me....


I do like those groovy little drop anchors the guides use.


I'm a CastMaster kinda guy anyway. The finer points of the Blackfoot would have been lost on me. Still, Canyon Lake was WAY down and the fish would have practically leapt into the pan. Next time!





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