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[TR] Cascade Pass - Johannesberg Mountain, Northeast Buttress 7/15/2012


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Trip: Cascade Pass - Johannesberg Mountain, Northeast Buttress


Date: 7/15/2012


Trip Report:

This was my first trip into the alpine outside of the Stuart Range, so as Jens and I sped along the dark road to Cascade Pass I drempt of a super long route on solid white granite...

This was not quite what i encountered.


I have been wanting to see what i could fit into a solid day in the alpine. When Jens contacted me about doing the Torment-Forbidden traverse or J-berg in a day, i was thrilled for the challenge.

Snow conditions helped us decide to take the long decent back around Mixup Peak. I considered this a beautiful tour of the North Cascades. We started around 6am and got back to the car right before midnight.

I had never felt so mentally taxed from anything elese as i did the next morning. Spending so much time in the "no fall zone" was an intresting experience, but all experiences on the mountains offer a great deal of learning.



We started to the right of the waterfalls.


Jens starting our Simu-climb100_0457.JPG100_0458.JPG100_0461.JPG100_04631.JPG100_04641.JPG100_04711.JPG100_0466.JPG100_0476.JPG


Approach Notes:

Avoid large falling ice from the JC glacier.

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