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New Oregon Guidebook!

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I got the email, as I'm sure a few other thousand of you did as well, on Tim Olsen's long awaited guidebook now being available. He doesn't really spell out what's in it, I had heard of many new areas being included but am not sure which or how many went in. I heard the rumor that there were 400 pages of new areas/new routes throughout the Oregon area. Damned exciting. I've got one on order.


Buy it here with and there's links to stores to get it as well:



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I have enjoyed the new book. It has helped me avoid hours of research, driving, trespassing and hopping on a climb that is totally over my head. This is much better than the previous Gorge Classic Climbs and includes many more areas.


There is still adventure to be had, but at least I know it is worthwhile before embarking on the quest to find the crag.


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i would like to thank tim olsen for the free copy (i work at next adventure)


we climbed chimney rocks on silver star the other day and it was great! never would have found that place without you tim! (although it was still a bit of an adventure, and the logging company said "i wish he wouldnt put that in there")




and shameless plug- pick up your copy at next adventure!

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The logging company doesn't own the land. It is DNR land loaded with trails that are busy with hikers, horses, and hunters. The area has been published for decades. I looked for it 13 years ago and eventually found the right place to park.....the dirt roads and hike in will keep the crowds down.


We wandered over to this nice little area.


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