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[TR] Kaleetan Peak - South scramble 7/23/2012


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Trip: Kaleetan Peak - South scramble


Date: 7/23/2012


Trip Report:

I'd love to post a dozen cool pictures of us on this climb but they're pretty much just pictures of clouds.


Seriously though this was the first alpine climb for my eleven year old son who climbed like an animal, doing all of the route finding through the mist and scrambling like a chipmunk up to the summit. I was pretty proud of him.


We only saw one other party headed up to the summit and they said they would probably turn back after lunch.


Route still requires an ice axe but crampons are not a requirement.


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Wow! Congrats to your son. I soloed this route today and found it to be a long, hard day! (But maybe that's because I'm 63). I was able to get through that west side descent section w/o an ax, but I did a lot of "tree belays". It is a spectacular and worthwhile summit. One of my favorites in the area is Red Mtn, about half as much work as Kaleetan. I bet your kid would like it too.

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