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Good Deep Water Solo in Banks Lake area?


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Much of the stuff over the water is not steep enough to be great DWS material, tumbling down a slab doesn't make hitting the water all that fun. You can probably find some stuff in the series of islands near Highway Rock. There's a boat launch nearby. Whitelaw's "Weekend Rock" covers a lot of the water access routes, there are two other guides which cover the land based stuff, though a feud between the two different authors lead to limited information sharing and great name confusion.


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I wish I had heard from you earlier but next time I will try that area. I actually chose to climb at Billy Clapp lake that weekend. We did a few 20-ish foot climbs from the waterline to cliffs that are popular cliff jumping spots.

I don't have any pictures but the routes we climbed were just out of sight North of the boat launch at the South end. We estimated their grades (I am in no way qualified to rate a climb) to be between 5.6-5.8, fun enough that the kids (ages 13, 11 and 8) could climb easily with life jackets on. I second the notion that the scary part is the jump down, but totally worth it. We named the three routes re FAd Chossy With a Chance of Thunder (5.6?) Tofu Killer's Revenge (5.8) and another similar climb that I can't remember what we named. As the name implies we tossed off A LOT of loose rocks during the climbing.

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