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ed lipscomb

[TR] mount hood - upper NNE Face 7/5/2012

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Trip: mount hood - upper NNE Face


Date: 7/5/2012


Trip Report:

started at Tilly Jane Trail head. Rested about three hours at 8000 ft. Began climb a little after 1:00 a.m. at start of Cooper Spur route. Soon after start,at the large out cropping r0ck on the right at 9000 ft, started traversing to the right across the lower slope in the direction of the North Face. After crossing the NNE Spur,began climbing up the large snow field hoping there wouldn't be trouble exiting the top. No trouble-several opening wide with smooth hard snow. Joined the Cooper Spur route here and followed it to the top. Snow was hard frozen. I wished there were some steps but no such luck. I was feeling really tired at the summit(the long traverse at the start really seemed to add to the fatigue). I felt a lot more worried than usual starting down the Cooper Spur route. I had reached the summit at exactly sunrise but going down the sun seemed to be brightening and warming up quickly. There was a 3in. soft snow layer on top of the frozen snow below and getting worse so I had to try to move down faster than I felt safe doing. I ended up getting about as tired as I've ever been and the worry was mounting. What a relief when it was finally over. Then just collect my gear left at 8000 ft and head back down the trail. My best climb. HURT.


Gear Notes:

2 ice tools


Approach Notes:

One shouldn't disparage nature, but, the Tilly Jane trail- how many ways can I count

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I think your fears were justified, of the 12 people who've died on Copper spur 9 of them happened on the way down due to warming snow conditions. Glad you made it down with nothing worse than sore quads.

Any pics?

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I,m sorry for not having photos. All the accidents on the Cooper Spur route are always at the front of my mind especially on the way down. Thanks for your words

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