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Hi All,


My old overnight pack is nearing it's end (and I didn't quite like it anyway :)) so I'm looking for a reasonable replacement.

I'll be taking it for multiday (2-5) day trips, on somewhat technical outings, so I'd like to have a good way to attach rope/tools/crampons/helmet etc and ideally some gear loops or even better a way to attach ice clippers (my BD day pack has nice little slots for these which is awesome)


I've been looking into NF Prophet and Osprey Aether (the latter doesn't seem to have gear loops but I guess I can just make some) so if you have any comments / recommendations on these (are any other) packs I'd really appreciate it!



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For 2-5 days I have seen guys get away with as little as 35L packs. If 2 even less. I prefer a 50L pack myself. Not as nice for climbing. Then again I have a tiny "pack" for summits I take with me weighing all of 1/2lb big enough for down jacket, snap on pants, camera, water, snacks, rain jacket, 1st aid.


A 50L pack is More than enough for week ++++ trips with climbing gear, camera, tripod, etc.

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