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Podiatrist or Sports Orthopedic referral?

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Dr. Eric Heit at VA Mason. https://www.virginiamason.org/body.cfm?id=1175&action=detail&ref=217 He is an orthopedic Podiatrist specializing in sports related injuries. As a general rule I hate doctors and can sniff out a bad one quickly (hint, they are almost all bad). Eric is very good, and very specialized, and uderstands sports related injuries and how to get us back on our feet again. Best line - "Well, it's not the worst sprain I've seen, but certainly the second worst." He also did several surgeries on both my wife's feet and achiles tendons with good results.

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Orthopedic insoles are made specifically for a certain person in order to optimize the distribution of load in his body. Starting from the feet and on to all parts of the legs, pelvis and spine. Do you use orthopedic insoles? Where can I buy the good ones and suitable for me? Are there any shops you can recommend? And tell please what is the difference when you wore usual insoles and these ones?

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