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Intermediate climbs North Cascades June/July

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Hi! I'm looking for partners to do some intermediate climbs in the North Cascades this summer. I grew up in Bellingham, but have been out of the area for a few years. I have a smattering of experience (outward bound, two traverses of the Juneau ice field, ski patrol, WEMT) but haven't done a ton of climbing or mountaineering here and am hesitant to start solo.

While some of the big peaks are on my bucket list (Baker, Rainier, etc) I'd be happy just to get up above tree line and surrounded by rock and ice. I'm not working for the next few months so have plenty of free time and would love to get in some multi-day trips, if only to spend a night up near Sahale glacier or Cascade Pass...I have (and am comfortable using) crampons, ice axe, and harness. Shoot me an email at auroraustralis86(at)gmail(dot)com or let me know below!


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I might take you up on something in June. Unfortunately I only have one free day (June 16), and I'm flying in from out of town, so my gear will be pretty sparse. I'd be up for a quick morning/afternoon slog up a decent sized peak. I'll keep you posted on my plans and maybe we can work something out.

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I'm in. I've guided for Alpine Ascents on Baker and Shuksan plus 3 years of more of the same in AK. Just moved to Bham a few months ago. Had a child four years ago, so I am rusty but PUMPED to get on some beautiful peaks this Summer. Very open schedule. Very laid back guy. Let's talk.

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hey can i get in on this? got a good amount of experience in the mountains. climbed Rainier 3x. want to do Baker, Adam, North Sister. will do technical routes. full ice/rock rack. got skis but total beginner. c2c or whatnot. free until the 16th of June. email is best. trieu dot kevin @gmail.com

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Hi! I'd love to be a part of this group as well. I've done Hood, St Helens, and a bunch of other lesser known peaks but I have a bucket list of summits I'd like to do before I move to Colorado in the fall.


I have experience backcountry skiing as well, and have taken AIARE 1 and have all the gear. My schedule is quite flexible and although I live in Portland, I'm willing to make the trek north any day. =)





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