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Mountain House at Costco


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By mixing a half a cup of minute rice with them you can reduce the amount of sodium per calorie. They are tolerable when eaten in this manner, for me.


Nice tip!

I can tolerate the most mundane things but these add a little bonus despite their lack of body, the rice would add some needed texture as well.

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Still at Kirkland Costco. Comes out to like $4.29/ea, 4 types. Couldn't con the wife into it, and my season has been a bit slow.


And while you're there you can get enormous amounts of Kirkland brand hard alcohol!

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Tacoma Costco has mountain house as well, same price.


LOL, bought some of their Kirkland brand vodka, one bowling pin sized bottle runs 28 plus 6 dollars tax.

Rumor had it the house vodka was relabeled Grey Goose (GG)...but it is not, however it is rated superior to GG..we shall see.

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