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Eldorado 6/2-6/3?


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Out of towner visiting the Seattle area for a AA course (tentatively on Baker) that gets out 6/1 and I'm looking to make it into an extended trip. I'm looking to do a 2 day climb of Eldorado and am leaning towards bringing along my board for a ski descent (but am flexible in this regard). Dates are a little flexible as I hope to head down to Hood/Adams for some climbing/skiing after the climb. Would be happy to provide climbing resume but long and short of it is late 20's experienced new england hiker, 1 unguided rainier summit, indoor climber, run marathons...

thanks for reading, hope it interests you


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formulating a plan b of 1 or 2 day eldorado climb this friday - sun 6/8-10 (plan a is emmons but looks doubtful) can climb based on your schedule. cascade river road (s approach) is clear to mile marker 21 so it should be doable in a day. fast hiker but i'm happy to climb at your pace. have done rainier, baker, hood, adams. should be a blast! drop a line if interested

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Hi senior_cush!


Did you ever make it out to Eldorado? It is on my to-do list and was curious about the current conditions. My climbing plans for this weekend fell through, but the forecasts don't look great. Would love to hear about your climb if you went - and any details on current conditions!





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