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[TR] Mt. Waddington and back in 10 hours - 3/24/2012

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Trip: Mt. Waddington and back in 10 hours -


Date: 3/24/2012


Trip Report:


saturday, waddington flight?? weather forecast promising....

(Email from John Scurlock, 8:40 AM on Thursday, March 22, 2012)


a one-day early morning departure thing?

(Email reply from Steph (me), 8:43 AM)


yes. go big....! try and be in Campbell river by 0800 to 0830, prob leave concrete at about 0630 or a little later. forecast beyond Sat not looking so great. sat image this moment is clear for 500 miles.... I'll fuel the plane tomorrow.

(John, 8:46 AM)



(Steph, 8:48 AM)


And that is how a trip of a lifetime comes into being. Eight email minutes and a few months of behind-the-scenes planning, weather-watching, and missed opportunities due to schedule conflicts. Within a 10-hour span on the third day of spring, John Scurlock and I flew a circuit of 833 miles to the incredibly rugged terrain of the British Columbia Coast Mountains and back. Our primary intent, which we executed to the fullest, was photographing Mt. Waddington. With clear skies and manageable winds, we circled around Waddington several times, and also around the nearby Combatant, Tiedemann, Asperity, Serras, and Mt. Bell, all of which are amazing summits in themselves. On the route back to Campbell River, we detoured about 30 miles to the southeast to the snowy expanse of the Homathko Icefield, where we photographed Queen Bess, Grenville, Bute, and several summit islands rising out of the ice. Now I know for certain I've got to climb in the Waddington area someday, and the Homathko Icefield inspires me all the more so to get into skiing.


Words can't describe how spectacular and unique this experience was. The best I can do it show some photos from this amazing aerial adventure.


I've posted a trip report on my website (which gives more photos and more detail):



Also, a small selection of photos below. Enjoy and be inspired!







Go to my website to see more!



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WHOA! Unique and spectacular indeed! What a magical and blissful day!! Thanks for posting those exquisite photos of Waddington, Ms BadAss.


No way I CANNOT be inspired... Holy crap....I"M ON FI-YA!!!

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Airplanes are aid. F'ing spectacular nonetheless.


Aid Photography, coined a new term. I like it. =)

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awe inspiring! i am stunned at the winter beauty.

I imagine Queen Bess is going to make a mess when that NE face blows.

Thank you for sharing Steph.

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