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Reducing your pack weight - website

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Over the past year I’ve been working off and on developing a website that helps you select products that can reduce your overall pack weight. It works by determining appropriate products to replace your current items and then selects the products that will reduce your overall pack weight the most for your chosen dollar amount; the product selection is done intelligently so that it does NOT suggest replacing your -40F bag with a +35F bag, but it may suggest replacing it with a similar bag close to the -40F range. For example it may determine that replacing oval biners for lighter weight wire gate biners may be the best way to reduce your overall pack weight if you have $80 to spend.


If you are currently in the market for buying a new item not to replace an old item, it has a list feature that can be used to order products with user chosen criteria by weight ( Products List Tool )


The website uses a Facebook Style login with Facebook authentication, so you do not have to remember another username and password. It only collects public Facebook info (i.e. your username and user image) and any products that you save to your packs.


Other features found on the website:

  • Save packs to your account (requires you to be logged on)
  • Print a checklist of the entered packs
  • Print a checklist for saved packs (requires you to be logged on)
  • Enter new items into the database
  • Enter items not in the database for saving in your backpack
  • Calculate your overall pack weight where it determines the percentage of different categories (the numbers might be shocking)

The plan is to continue to expand our database and feature set.


I hope you enjoy it

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Good to hear that it's useful for others. As time permits, other products will be added to the database. At this time, most of the nylon Cilogear packs have been added. The others should be added in the near future.

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