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Hello All!-


My name is Brad Miller and I am the co-director of a nonprofit fundraising organization called Adventures for Action. AFA uses outdoor adventures to raise awareness and money for awesome charities and projects that combine a blend of environmental awareness and humanitarian aid. AFA does not use any moneys raised to fund expeditions, all donations go to the selected project and all fundraising work is volunteer. Our current adventure is an attempt to climb Denali this coming May and we are using this Adventure to raise money for the installation of a solar array for a non-profit community hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania.


The Adventures for Action mission is to serve the global environment and humanity through the implementation of green building solutions and renewable resource development, primarily to the 2nd and 3rd world. AFA accomplishes this by providing support, both on the ground and fiscally, to projects and partners whom exemplify our “positive environmental stewardship” ethic.


Please head on over to adventuresforaction.org and check us out. There is some great information on our projects and adventures and we are offering free gifts for donors, including incredibly useful paracord survival bracelets.


AFA offers a chance for all of us to take the adventures that we love to participate in and turn them into great fundraising opportunities and we need your help and support. Aside from donations, we would greatly appreciate passing our information along to your friends and "liking" us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Adventures.for.Action, both of which are free!


You can contact us at adventuresforaction@gmail.com.


Thanks for looking!


Brad Miller

South Lake Tahoe, CA



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Hello All-


I just wanted to let everyone know that we lowered the donation level for the sweet paracord survival bracelets that we give away. You can now receive the custom made bracelet of your choice for a donation of $14 USD. Check them out here:




As usual all proceeds go to the selected charity, in this case the International Health Partners of the United States and Tanzania solar project.


Thanks for looking and happy climbing!




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Just an update, we have some fun new articles up on the blog for anyone who is interested. You can view them at:




Clay and I are headed to Denali soon and upon our return will post a trip report and reviews of some gear that we are testing out up there.


Thanks for looking!



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