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the mayor of beacon...


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Thanks for posting the link Ivan. I probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise.


Enjoyed seeing my old friend, still cruising some routes at 67...


I was all packed up to do Cooper's Spur this weekend but the weather looks to be total shit so we bagged that idea.


For now...



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Just watched it meself, too. Very nice. Would love to meet Jim someday.


Question, the dude jugging at 7:30 and a quick shot again at 7:59... I didn't see a b/u to his jumar...???


They did a great job filming the climbing and stuff. I think the guy your talking about had a foot ascender or something like a croll or basic attached to his belay loop. The first shot though it almost looks like the is on belay and just using it as a hand hold. Would be pretty sad if it was the other way around as they touch on last years accident and stuff.

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