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[TR] More Fat Ice on Rainier - Nisqually Vista 2/6/2012

Peter Way

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So this weekend gone we went back up to Rainier and put another line up Nisqually Belle, WI5. The ice is still in good shape, a little bleached on the surface from the a few days of sun last week but no problems protecting it.

On Sunday we went 1500 feet higher to about 8000 feet to the cliff face on the right on the Nisqually just below the bottom of the Muir Snow Field, and directly across from where the Wilson Glacier feeds into the Nisqually. This ice I have seen form up often but I've never seen any climbing history on it. We called it Nisqually Vista because of the awesome view. There is a wall of ice 150 meters across and a full pitch tall, we put a WI4+ route up it. Parts of it where very bleached out, it is in direct sun all day. There is still water running over it in a few spots so some of it is hard and fat. Sunday morning it was 15 degrees, if it stays cold up there most of the climb should stay up. By the time we where rapping down however it was hot and it became a shooting gallery.

Driving out from the park Sunday afternoon I noticed someone had hiked up to Mikey's, any luck?



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Sorry for the belated pictures.

Approaching the Belle from Paradise.




The lines. We climbed the one on the left the week before.


Peter leading.


Experimenting with vertical V threads.




More ice across the glacier (upper left corner)





Sunday morning approach.


The Vista.


Looking left.


Peter leading away.


The accomplice.


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