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Endurance Scholarship

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I am the first to admit that it may seem strange to post this on cascadeclimbers as it is only marginally relevant to climbing. However I want to advertise a scholarship that I created last year. The mission of the scholarship is as follows:


“The Endurance Scholarship will be awarded to a senior at North Marion High School who has demonstrated the ability to successfully overcome longstanding obstacles to their education and who will be pursuing post-secondary education. The funds for the scholarship will be raised by asking individuals to make per mile pledges based on the number of miles I complete of the Capital Peak Ultra-Marathon in April of 2012.”


A further explanation can be read here.



I am a teacher at a small public school and every year I see talented and motivated kids defer college because of the cost. For many, even community college is a financial stretch. Last year, through this scholarship, I was able to raise $3,000 to help one determined young man move forward with his post-high school education. The funds came from dozens of donors who made pledges of a dollar a mile (the ultra is 50 miles). He is now halfway through the first year of college and is doing exceptionally well.


So why post this on cascadeclimbers? I know that climbers, particularly mountaineers and alpinists, understand the concept of perseverance and endurance. They know what it means to suffer to achieve a goal; they know the importance of planning and preparation; they know how failure informs and does not deter. The same values that climbers espouse are embodied in the heart and soul of this scholarship. I am not asking for a handout. Instead I ask that people like you, who have such a perspective on the world, make a pledge. I will not ask for anyone to make good on their pledge until I have completed the race.


I hope that some of you will consider pledging to support me.



For more information please check out my blog which further explains the scholarship and my journey.



Thank you for your support.

Jonathan Barrett


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